I'm Logan. Wife and mama. I stay home and raise my babies, tap away at my computer, and talk a lot about Jesus. My experience in marriage and motherhood has been both refining and forgiving. God likes to play jokes on me, but they always end up being part of a better plan than I dreamed. 

Plant + Prune is an attempt to learn more about God, His Creation, and His people. I pray this little site on the web brings glory to His name and hope to your soul. And let's be real, I need a space to find the holy moments in the middle of laundry, tantrums, and reheated coffee.

Nap time is my favorite time of the day, so you're sure to find me right here with a cup of coffee in hand, praying the baby stays asleep long enough for me to type out some words. We use essential oils in our home and I love teaching others how to use them too.