A Mustard Seed

Photo by  Sarah E Dunn

Photo by Sarah E Dunn

For my entire life, I have always known something was brewing inside my soul but couldn't quite name it. I floated through different majors in college, never really finding my passion. I worked after college in many different settings, and every time I felt that I was getting closer to what God was calling me to but still couldn't see the full picture. 

Through many trials, like ending an engagement and 6 year relationship, moving constantly, ending friendships and making new ones, and family drama, God continued to refine me and guide me closer and closer to what He wanted for me. Looking back now, I can see His faithfulness so clearly and it makes me quite weepy. 

I ended up marrying the guy I fell for at 15 years old after not seeing one another for nearly 5 years. He came out of nowhere and was the sweetest surprise of my life. But he definitely wasn't in my plan! For a little while, I wondered how he was going to fit into the brewing part of my soul. Was this what God wanted for me? But it didn't take long to realize this is exactly what God wanted for me... and we got married only a few months after dating.

Throughout the first year of marriage, we learn a whole lot. A lot about what not to do, a lot about one another, and a lot about how Satan loves to attack marriages. We struggled. With so much, and I want to dig deep into that eventually because our story will only help another marriage. When we found out I was pregnant, things took an even sharper turn because I did not want to have a baby. We weren't ready. We had only been married a year and a half and were still working out our stuff. It just didn't seem like the best time to bring a baby into the world. Again, I asked God how this could really be what He wanted for me.

I'm 10 months into being a mom and I can't even believe much my life has changed. Our daughter has changed every thing about us. Our marriage. Our faith. How our home feels. Everything. But probably the biggest thing she changed is our future. We never knew what was around the corner...

Photo by  Sarah E Dunn

Photo by Sarah E Dunn

A box of oils and a diffuser.

Like what?

I tell you all of this so you know how we got to Plant + Prune. Every moment leading to this is what brought this mustard seed size dream to fruition. The mistakes, the degrees, the jobs, the relationships, the unexpected twists - it's all lead to this incredible wellness journey and small business called Plant + Prune.

A space to learn about using plants in our everyday lives and living above the wellness line.

A space to be pruned into Christlikeness - where we can grow, learn, and change alongside one another.

A space to find the holy moments in the middle of laundry, tantrums, and reheated coffee.

Plant + Prune is a dream turned into a reality of gathering women of all kinds together to learn how to make our homes the happiest place to be. Whether you're single, married, divorced, widowed, have children in your home or in Heaven, don't have children by choice, or are still in the waiting season, happy, sad, mad, or a mix on most days - whoever you are, I hope you find yourself here.

My desire is for everyone to feel welcomed to the table of taking control of our health and homes through using God's Creation, God's Word, and God's People.

So, you'll learn a lot about oils here. You'll learn a lot about Jesus. You'll learn how to live a life that is full of wellness and abundance. I hope you'll stick around, and maybe even join the oil party. Thank you for being here!

Logan Hahn