Friday Favorites

We’re back for round two of Friday Favorites! I try to bring realistic options since no one has $200 to spend on bookends, ya know what I’m saying? And some of them are even FREE. Woo!

Jen Wilkin is one of the best Christian authors I’ve read. She studies from the Word and teaches from a strong biblical standpoint. She continuously points her readers back to Christ. In this wacky Christian culture we find ourselves in, we need more women teaching truth. Definitely check out this book on how to study your bible effectively and confidently. It changed my study time greatly!

I know, I know. It’s weird to put laundry detergent on a Friday Favorites list - but guys! This detergent has changed my life. Not even kidding. This one bottle makes three 32 ounce bottles of detergent. Every bottle makes 60-65 loads. Making every bottle around $8 and every load only 15 cents! HOLY WOW. No fragrances, no toxic chemicals, cheap, safe, and natural. Get this in your next Essential Rewards order, or let me know if you’re not a Young Living member and I’ll grab you some!

My husband got me a ring from this Etsy shop when Campbell was born with her name on it. I wear it on top of my engagement ring every single day, and anytime I look down on it, I’m reminded of how kind he is to think of me and how sweet my first born is. Just hoping he’s already ordered my next one for baby girl number two.

Speaking of baby girl number two… I am REALLY hoping this is wrapped in a cute box for my baby sprinkle this weekend. Hint, hint. Kidding, but not really. I am so excited to actually wear my baby this time around because Campbell HATED being worn. I also think I was too overwhelmed to actually work through it with her, and I did not like the wrap I used. I did major research and this one seems to keep popping up. Not to mention it is GORGEOUS.

Naturally, I'm not a very good keeper of the home (laundry piles don't bother me and I can eat peanut butter for every meal), but that doesn't fly with my husband. Recently I took the Grace-Based Productivity course offered by my friend Phylicia Masonheimer (who is a baller when it comes to knowing the bible and being bold in speaking truth when it’s easier to not). It’s completely free and so simple to work through. If you’re struggling with being productive, whether you’re home all day or at work, then definitely check out her course.

That’s it for this Friday! I’d love to know if you check any of these out, and certainly share with me some of your favorites too. Only if they’re under like $15 because I’m poor.

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