My Why


This journey has been so unexpected. When I decided to pursue a career with Young Living, I had no idea what was in store. I knew I had a passion for educating others about wellness and how we are in control of what comes into our homes, but I never saw all that would come from that passion - and we’re just getting started!

I know I share a ton of education on Instagram and I love being able to learn together that way. However, I want you to know WHY Plant + Prune was created. I want you to know WHY it’s so important that you’re here. I want you to know why all of this matters.

For the first 25 years of my life, I lived in a state of reaction.

I reacted to whatever happened to me. If I was sick, I went to the doctor. If I was hurt, I bottled up my feelings. If I had no money in my bank account, I sold whatever I could to make ends meet. Everything, and I really mean everything, was a reaction to whatever “just” happened. I didn’t have control over much in my life. And let’s be real, in reality, I still don’t have control (because, hello, God), but I’ve always known that something wasn’t right. My life was good. My life was fine. But there was something missing.

It wasn’t until I started doing this business that I realized instead of thriving in this life, I was just surviving it, and I know as a believer, that’s the opposite of what Jesus died to give us.

He died for us. And now we have freedom. And He wants us to live in that freedom RIGHT NOW, not just when we’re in Heaven. I began to realize that over and over again as people joined Plant + Prune and became apart of this whole thing. He’s called me to do so much more with this platform than just talk about oils. It’s become a community. A community that values and encourages relationships. A community that wants better. A community that desires to tap into the freedom that comes when we stop reacting to life and actually pursuing it.

So, here’s a short little list of all the things I want to do through Plant + Prune. I want you to see my heart and hear what I’m saying so that when I share about oils or educate on wellness, you know where it’s coming from.

Through Plant + Prune I want…

  • To pay off all of my husband’s school debt.

  • To put down 25% on our next house.

  • To give my husband the freedom to retire whenever he wants.

  • To spend more time with my family.

  • To give to whoever is in need at any time.

  • To not live paycheck to paycheck.

  • To serve on mission trips with my family.

  • To retire my mom early.

  • To pay for my children’s college education.

  • To teach more women to become confident, courageous, and kind.

  • To empower families to live in abundance.

  • To give more than my husband’s paycheck back to the church.

  • To support my friends serving in other parts of the world.

  • To never have to worry about finances while my children are young.

  • To welcome more people into our home and feed them whenever they need a meal.

  • To travel with my husband without fear of spending too much.

  • To get chemicals out of homes and put life giving products in them instead.

  • To spread God’s truth and teach others about Jesus and His saving grace.

  • To invite people in when they need somewhere to go.

  • To give in a way that radically changes people’s lives.

This is a short list for me. I could keep going. This is why I’m doing what I’m doing. When you see me post on Instagram, this is why. When you watch one of my stories, this is why. When I bug you about getting on Essential Rewards, this is why. It’s not to make more money so that we can be rich. It’s so we can give, love, serve, and honor those around us and whoever God puts in our path along the way.

If you’ve read this far… thank you. I’d love to know your why. Whether you’re doing this as a business or you’re just in love with your oils, I’d love to know why. Share below so I can pray for you specifically as you walk on your wellness journey.