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Second Trimester Guide

Y’all really seemed to love the First Trimester Guide to using oils and other YL products during pregnancy, so I’m here to give you some more ideas for the second trimester! Remember, I’m not a doctor [obviously]… just a mama with some experience and a love for all things natural for bringing babies into the world!

Let’s get started.


During the second trimester, it’s not uncommon for your legs to get a little wonky. I remember mine felt like I had been running, which OBVIOUSLY wasn’t the case. Aroma Siez is super helpful to apply to your legs when they’re feeling crampy and tense. Just take one to two drops in the palm of your hand and rub your legs down. Maybe even get your man to do this for ya ;)


Although I never experienced this, it is common for women to get UTIs when they’re pregnant. Due to the change in hormones and added weight on your organs from the baby, it’s so important to go to the bathroom when you feel it. And for pregnant women, you can feel it all the time, amirite??? Anyway! Purification is wonderful for supporting a healthy bladder. Take a drop or two and rub it on your abdomen if you’re prone to UTIs, especially during pregnancy.


There are so many stretch mark creams out there and unfortunately most of them are toxic, especially for your sweet babe in the womb. You know what I did? Or my sister-in-law rather. Make your own!!! There are SO many good recipes out there for stretch mark cream, but here’s one I love:

  • melt 1/2 cup shea butter and 1/2 cup coconut oil

  • add 1/2 cup jojoba oil

  • add 10 drops frankincense

  • add 10 drops gentle baby

  • add 10 drops lavender

  • whip until it looks like butter

  • store in a glass container and use daily!


If you’ve followed me for any sort of time you know I love Valor. This oil is incredible for all the things, but especially emotional support. In the second trimester, you might be feeling huge. Your belly has popped and people are commenting on your weight [why do people do this???], and you just don’t feel like yourself. Friend, I’ve been there! Some women feel absolutely stunning when they’re pregnant and others can’t stand the way they look. If you’re on the latter end of this spectrum, get some Valor in your life. Not only will it help you feel steady and calm, but it will give you a sense of confidence to really feel beautiful. You are creating a human, and that takes some stretching… both mentally and physically! Simply take a few drops and inhale them or make a roller to apply daily.


Prenatal vitamins are important for pregnancy, but did you know a lot of the prenatals on the shelf at the store are full of fillers and even toxins? This time around, I stuck to using supplements only during my pregnancy with Everett instead of taking a normal prenatal. Here is the list of supplements I took throughout my pregnancy:

  • Super B: contains all the B vitamins, including Folate (B9)

  • Vitamin D: go outside

  • Life 9: probiotic

  • OmegaGize: contains fish oil, vitamin D3, and CoQ10

  • Super C: vitamin C

  • Ningxia Red: antioxidant supplement

Another incredible supplement option to take instead of a prenatal from the store is Master Formula. This supplement comes in a pack of several pills that have everything you need to provide for you and baby during pregnancy!

Alright, I think that’s enough to get you started during the second trimester. I’ll be back soon with what I used during the third trimester, and then we’ll get to packing for the hospital and bringing baby home. Yay!