Jerica Shannon

Hello! I am Jerica Shannon! Owner/operator of Honey Fit Shop.  I’m blessed to be a wife and momma and have some pretty incredible men in my life. My husband, Sterling, and I are high school sweethearts and are celebrating five years of marriage this year. We had our first baby boy, Jackson, one year ago, and are grateful every day that God chose us to be his parents.

I’ve been on my health and wellness journey for four years now, previously only in the fitness world, and lost 30 pounds by exercise and diet. I decided to dig deeper into that journey and learn how to treat my body the best I could. I was already doing the diet and exercise, I figured I should try to eliminate harsh toxins and medications as well.  I dove in head first into the hippie lifestyle and have never turned back. 

It’s been in my heart for some time now to help women on their health and wellness journey, that’s why I created Honey Fit Shop. And once I started using oils, I knew that I wanted all things Young Living to be a part of that mission as well. 

Deciding to want better for yourself and your family can be overwhelming, it’s a lifestyle change and not something that happens over night.  I am here for you every step of your journey to help educate, motivate, and to be your friend. 

Take that first step, sister. Be educated and know what you’re using in and on your body. Treat yourself well, you are worth it!

Join my team.