Getting started is so easy!
I'll walk you through how.

  1. Choose who you wish to be your sponsor by clicking here. If you don't have anyone in mind to be your sponsor, I would love to help you.
    Join with me here.

  2. Click "Join My Team" under the person you wish to be your sponsor. If someone directed you to this page or you've been talking with a specific person about oils, make sure to sign up under them as your direct contact.

  3. Once the link opens, choose "Member". No strings attached here. This only means you get your starter kit and a 24% off membership! No selling or monthly orders required.

  4. Choose a Premium Starter Kit. You can choose any starter kit to become a member. Click here to review four of the most popular options.

  5. Decide on Essential Rewards. This wonderful program is an auto-ship monthly wellness box subscription that earns you money back AND helps you get free products in every order. It's a no brainer. If you register for Essential Rewards at the time of sign up, you'll qualify for the first free promotion item automatically AND $10 back on your kit.

  6. Fill out your information.

  7. Welcome to the family!